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Pink Hosts

What are Pink Hosts?

A “Pink Host” is a Project Pink Tax affiliated partner that hosts fundraisers and drives for our organization.

Menstrual product drives have always been an integral part of our organization. We have often noticed when the topic of donations arise, menstrual products are rarely on the list of necessities despite their crucial application in feminine hygiene.

As one of the youth-led pioneers of combatting period poverty alleviation in the DC Metropolitan, Project Pink Tax provides organizations, clubs, and individuals with the opportunity to become an active part of our initiative.




Blake High School Feminist Club

The BHS feminist club is focused on fighting for gender equality through advocacy, volunteer work, and student discussions. Through a Pink Host partnership, these high school leaders took the initiative to host a menstrual product drive for those in need of period products in the D.C. area. 

Stephanie Muoka & Gabby Solomon

Stephanie & Gabby hosted a menstrual product drive to raise funds for Project Pink Tax. They raised over $250 and collected 70+ period products!

National Organization for Women

During the Annual National Organization for Women conference hosted in Summer 2023, Project Pink Tax was invited to host a booth to talk about our mission and goals with the conference attendees. We were able to engage with spirited activists of all ages and host an interactive social hour to quiz the audience on menstrual trivia. Overall, it was an unforgettable experience.

Coming Soon...

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