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Pink Projects

Here at Project Pink Tax we think that it's super important to engage with the community. Check out some of the events we've had!

Think Pink Event with Sio Ceramics

(March 5th & April 9th 2022)

Bake Sale with The Monthly Club SWW

(October 24th 2021)

In honor of Women's History Month, we hosted a two-day event with the small business, Sio Ceramics, at the Brookland Arts Walk in Washington, D.C! During this event we educated the community on menstruation through Trivia and held a bake sale to raise funds for period products. The businesses at the Brookland Arts Walk were kind enough to host donation boxes in-store so that their customers could donate menstrual products throughout the duration of the event!

During our October bake sale at the National Cathedral, we partnered with the Monthly Club SWW, a student-run club at the School Without Walls that hosts period product drives to donate to people in need. Since our initiatives were so similar, we just knew that we had to join forces! Check them out @themonthlyclubsww on Instagram ( a little plug for them)!

The Tanzania Project with Save Kids For Future (NGO)

(September - October 2022)

We partnered with the organization Save Kids For Future to send kits for making reusable pads to Tanzania! Save Kids for Future is a non-profit organization that works to increase education in Tanzania and provide basic needs and life skills to the youth. One of their programs focuses on menstrual education and relief, and a big part of this project is teaching kids and teens how to make reusable pads. In the past, these pads would have been hand sewn, but Save Kids for Future recently raised enough funds to purchase multiple sewing machines! Since a big part of Project Pink Tax’s mission is to support those in need of menstrual supplies, we have pledged to help this organization create over 100 washable/reusable pads. Improving conditions in Tanzanian communities is super important as we make global steps towards menstrual equality, so PPT is happy to support this project. 

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