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Period Equity is a Necessity.

Working to Provide People in Need with Free, Accessible, and High Quality Menstrual Products


Our Mission

Recognizing the challenges faced by many individuals across the United States who struggle to afford essential hygiene products during their menstrual cycles, we seek to address the issue of period poverty by ensuring access to quality menstrual products. The combination of exorbitant prices with the imposition of a "luxury tax" in 22 states acts as a significant barrier to affordable menstrual products. To support lower-income individuals, we collect menstrual products and distribute them to those experiencing poverty. Through this initiative, we aim to raise public awareness about period poverty while advancing period equity within the DC Metropolitan area and beyond.

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What is Period Poverty?

Period poverty is a nationally accepted term that refers to when a person has limited or no access to safe and hygienic menstrual products usually due to financial constraints. A limited access to period products may cause someone to use products longer than they should or resort to alternatives like socks, toilet paper, or newspaper which can lead to fungal infections, reproductive tract infections, urinary infections, and in extreme cases, toxic shock syndrome. Insufficient menstrual hygiene can also have devastating mental health affects like a lack of self-confidence, anxiety, and depression. It’s a terrible situation to be in monthly. 


Our Work

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“...our elders may give the orders...but it is the young who have to fight.”

-T.H. White

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